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Turn Key Packaging Line

Your manufacturing process is stable, and you have packaging that is working for you in your competitive retail environment. Sales has forecast a massive increase in sales requiring you to triple your manufacturing capacity. It’s a good thing, but how are you going to do that?

You reach out to the sales engineering staff at GearPackaging and they propose a suite of packaging machines from GearPackaging  that will do what you need. An application engineer needs to know the nature of your product and the volume of business you wish to support. The physical characteristics of your product determine the type of filling machine needed. Is your product a liquid and what is its viscosity at ambient temperature? If the product is dry, is it like sand or fine flour? These question and manymore help shape the turnkey solution that the GearPackaging  engineering team will propose for you.


The elements of a turn key packaging system are as follows:

. Bottle Orienter – Takes bulk loaded containers and sets them in line on a conveyor.

. Bottle washer – Prepare your containers for filling.

. Filling machine – Type of filling machine determined by the physical properties of the product.

. Capping machine – Bulk loaded screw on caps are in general use.

. Labeling machine – Pressure sensitive or shrink labels are most common.

. Printer – Used for printing lot codes

. Heat tunnel – Needed to shrink labels and tamper evident bands.

. Conveyor – Moves containers through the various packaging machines.

. Turn Table – Used to unscramble and accumulate containers.


The process of getting your product into a suitable container and on the shelf in an attractive container is complex. We offer a wide selection of powder filling or liquid filling machines. There are four filling technologies. One of these techniques will work for liquids that can be anything from watery solutions to salsa. 

. Timed flow fillers that deliver product for a digitally controlled time interval.

. Piston fillers deliver a measured volume of product.

. fillers fill the container to a specific level.

. Positive displacement fillers measure product as a function of pump rotations.


A closure or cap must be placed and secured on the container, once the product is in the bottle. Capping machines range from single cap hand operated cap tighteners to rotary chuck cappers.

GearPackaging also has a complete range of labeling machines, for pressure sensitive, hot glue and sleeving machines with heat tunnels that shrink labeling sleeves around the containers.

GearPackaging multi-head rotary fillers and cappers are used for the higher speed packaging operations. Bring us your challenges and we will find a solution at an acceptable price point.

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