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  • Magnus Kraftkerne
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  • Magnus Kraftkerne
Magnus KraftkerneMagnus KraftkerneMagnus Kraftkerne

Design: Tibor Hegedues

Copywriter: Harmen Biró
Project Type: Concept
Location: Hamburg, Germany
Packaging Contents: Nuts
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Stand up pouch

Magnus nuts are the ideal snack for in between - whether as a brain booster or pre-workout snack. But you don't want to have the usual nut packaging in your stylish sports bag and certainly don't want to post it on Instagram.
Our design has style - is colourful and really tasty. And in the nut shelf a real eye-catcher. Colourful and casual, like sporty sneakers. Trendy colours as a stage for delicious nuts that fly around elements of the logo typography. A striking seal of quality distinguishes the product and promises the best quality. "media-related self-presentation" - fitness coaches, influencers and their followers will love Magnus.
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